Families & Young People

Events for Young People & Families

  • Siddha Yoga Satsang for Families – Every fourth Sunday of each month families get together to engage in the Siddha Yoga practices by chanting and meditating, and study Siddha Yoga teachings through stories, art and movement. Older children are encouraged to offer seva, selfless service.

    In months of Siddha Yoga Holidays, Celebration Satsangs for Families are scheduled.

    Siddha Yoga Satsangs for Families take place from 10:45 AM – 12 PM.

    All families are welcome!

Upcoming Events

Satsang for Kishors and Yuvas in Celebration of the Prison Project 40th Anniversary

Sunday March 1st, 1 – 2:30 PM

This event is only for people ages 13 – 24. In this satsang you will hear a share of transformation from a Siddha Yoga student who met Baba Muktananda on the day Baba first walked into a prison 40 years ago this year. Also the coordinator of the Prison Project will call in from Oakland to share more amazing stories from that day. You will also engage in the Siddha Yoga practices.

After the satsang pizza will be served.