Opportunities for Offering Seva

What is Seva? (lit.: service) Seva is selfless service; work offered to God, performed without attachment and with the attitude that one is not the doer. In Siddha Yoga ashrams, Guruseva is a spiritual practice, and students seek to perform all of their tasks in this spirit of selfless offering.

If you are interested in offering Seva, please send an email to that best reflects the way you would like to engage with this spiritual practice. Please include the following if you are new to Seva at our Center (you can copy and paste this information into the email):

1. Email Address:
2. Phone:
3. How long have you been practicing Siddha Yoga :
4. When did you first come to the Siddha Yoga Meditation in Seattle:
5. List any Sevas you are currently offering:
6. Please indicate your availability: (Tuesday evening, Friday evening, Sunday morning, Other)
7. Please include any Sevas you would prefer: (Baking, Chopping, Amrit Set-up and Clean-up, Cooking, Dishwashing, Audio-Visual, Bookstore,  Flowers, Gardening, Graphics, Communications, Web Design, Hall Monitor, Maintenance (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, repair), Music (lead chanting or playing an instrument), Security, Welcoming, Sparkle,  Computers, Taruna Poshana (families), Decorations, Arts and Craft, Interior Design
8. Please list any special skills you have or other Sevas you would like to Offer:

Thank you for offering Seva. We will contact you as soon as the Satsang Teams have reviewed your request to see where they can best use your services.

With love, the SYMC Meditation Center

Seva at the Center:

Amrit Seva: Available in the evening some Tuesdays, and Fridays, and on Saturday Mornings. Days and times can be arranged to fit your schedule. Note: Amrit is suspended while we are in our temporary location.

Audio-Visual: Participate in the Tuesday or Friday Satsangs, the Guru Gita on Saturday and some special events by running the audiovisual equipment. Previous experience not necessary.

Bookstore Host: Greet and assist people in the Bookstore, before and after the Tuesday and Friday Satsangs and Saturday mornings, one or more times a month.

Flower Arranging: Help prepare the beautiful flowers for our Center for Friday satsang, the Guru Gita on Saturday and other special events.

Gardening: Assist the garden team in maintaining the beautiful gardens, usually on Saturday mornings after the Guru Gita, or another day that fits your schedule.

Hall: Prepare the Hall for satsangs and the Guru Gita

Music: Sing and/or play an instrument for Satsangs, and the Guru Gita. Encouragement and training are provided.

Parking: Welcome and direct those arriving for special events.

Sparkle Seva: Help clean the Center. Come in as needed. Times can be scheduled.

Unscheduled Seva: Come in as needed for any given time span.

Welcoming: Extend a welcome to all who come to the Friday satsangs, and the Guru Gita, and arrange for people new to Siddha Yoga to attend an orientation session.